3 Things to Beat the Summer Heat

28 Jul
Natacha Medeiros

Summer’s in full swing and although we’re loving the heat, sometimes a little escape is in order. Here are some of our top suggestions to beat the heat this season.


Take a weekend trip

No matter what the weather is where you live, a weekend trip away is always a welcome escape. Drive up north (or down south) to somewhere you can chill out (think: hotel pool or chalet by a lake) and relax. There’s no better way to beat the heat than under an umbrella with an ice-cold drink in hand.


Shop our summer sales

Shopping is always a great way to beat the heat! Go to your nearest mall for some much-needed savings (and, of course, the air conditioning) or shop online and save big on clothes that’ll keep you cool all summer long.


Try a refreshing cold coffee

We think every 30-degree day should come with a built in iced coffee. Try our cold brew recipe that perfectly balances a yummy coffee flavour with a little bit of sweeteness.


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