3 ways to keep warm until spring

27 Jan
Alexandra Oliverio

The last couple of months before spring are always the hardest. We tend to find ourselves in a weather limbo, where one day we’re being teased with mild, snow-melting weather and the next we’re back to freezing our buns off in 20 below zero. Suffice to say that things can get a little confusing and daily habits turn into a non-stop decision-making craze, whether it is choosing what to wear or picking what to eat. Focusing on how to prep for the next season is always a welcome distraction from reality, but the real trick is not to over-do it. Somewhere, somehow, we need to find a balance, so here are my 3 tips to getting through what’s left of the cold while embracing the new season in style.



I love my knits just as much as the next person, but at some point they can get smothering. This time of year, I like to bid adieu to all the chunky sweaters in my closet and make room for something light and fresh (but still winter appropriate, of course). A crisp button-up shirt is the perfect alternative to chunky knits, especially layered under a light sweater. It’s a super trendy look that actually keeps you warm (can a girl as for more?). What’s more, they can be worn year round and have you one step closer to a spring wardrobe.


Add a little colour

If you ask me, this dark and dreary season is the perfect time to bring your wardrobe back to life. Make dark hues a thing of the past and slowly start adding colourful pieces to your closet. A touch of pink, like this light dolman sleeve sweater, preps your wardrobe for spring and is cold-weather friendly! The long sleeves will keep you comfortable on the cold days and the bright colour will boost your mood for the rest. By adding colourful pieces bit by bit, you’ll have your mind thinking it’s spring even before it has sprung!


Keep the comfort food

The one thing I love about winter is the limitless options of hearty soups to enjoy. What’s great about them is that even if they are vegetable-based, they are a filling and comforting option on chilly winter days. I love incorporating vegetable soups into my diet before switching gears to small, light meals for the spring. It is the perfect transition food and helps your body avoid any change-of-season aftershocks! Get the recipe here.


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