5 Ways To Get Through The Rest Of Winter

13 Jan
Natacha Medeiros

Spring is still 65 days away, and let’s be honest, it feels like an eternity until the end of the cold, dark, dreary days of the season. To help you get through the winter blues, we’ve rounded up five of the best ways to stay positive all the way until spring (we’re almost there!).


  1. Take a vacation (or start planning one)

Nothing boosts morale like some vitamin D, so if you can afford to get away to sunnier skies for a week, don’t hesitate.  If it doesn’t seem like you can fit it in before spring, then at least start planning a summertime vacation with family or friends so that you have something to look forward to the rest of winter.


  1. Prep your closet for spring

It’s never too early for a little spring cleaning! Start sorting through your wardrobe and figure out what you want to keep, throw, or donate for the season. Then fill in the missing gaps with a little retail therapy. Some shopping will get you prepped for spring and boost your mood. Win-win.


  1. Start eating better

Winter is the perfect time for hot, hearty meals, but when the weather warms, it’s all about fresh, light food. We say, start clean(er) eating a few months early. Get into the swing of things by making healthier options and you’ll already be on the right track come spring.


  1. Spend more time outside

We know, we know… who wants to be outside when it’s -24? Not us! When the weather permits, try and get outside for some fresh air. Even better, do so during the day so you get some much-needed vitamin D. Short on ideas? Here are a few:

  • Take a walk on a sunny afternoon
  • Play in the snow with the kids
  • Have a good old fashioned snowball fight
  • Discover your city by foot


  1. Let the light shine in

So much of winter is spent in the dark, but it’s important to take advantage of the light we have during the day. On weekends, be sure to open up your curtains and let the sun shine in. Talk about a mood booster! If you can, sit near a window at work to take advantage of the light, or read a book close to a window sill. Just let the sun shine in.


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