We Won! Our “Even Better” Campaign Took Home The IMAGE/in Grand Prize


On May 29th, Reitmans came home with two awards for our “Even Better” campaign: The IMAGE/in 2017 Grand Prize and the Teen’s Choice Award. The IMAGE/in Award congratulates Québec companies for a healthy and diverse body representation in the world of fashion, media and advertising. We’re proud to have been recognized for our “Even Better” campaign, which celebrates women of all shapes and sizes.


“Winning the IMAGE/in Prize is very significant for us because it symbolizes the importance of recognizing beauty in all its forms. The Reitmans team is very proud to innovate and offer access to all its styles in sizes 0 to 22 and XXS to 3X and allow women of any size, shape, age, or lifestyle to feel confident. The ‘Even Better’ campaign demonstrates our commitment to helping women of all shapes feel beautiful and comfortable,” says Jackie Tardif, senior vice president of Merchandise for Reitmans.


In 2015, our efforts to represent women of all silhouettes in our advertisements had been rewarded for the first time with the 2015 Grand Prix IMAGE/in. This is the first time that any fashion, advertising or media company has won the award twice. Celebrate body diversity and shop all of our new arrivals in sizes 0-22 here.



Équilibre is a non-profit organization in Quebec whose mission is to prevent and reduce body image and weight-related issues through awareness programs in schools, healthcare networks, workplaces and communities.



  • Pat Gerlach

    Congratulatins, and thank you. I finally have clothes I like and fit.

  • Kristen Faith Pilon

    Wow! Amazing! Proud to call myself a Reitmans employee!

  • Yvonne Yetman

    Congrats Reitmans. I love shopping with you and will continue. You are awesome. Love your clothing line. I am a plus size gal. Thank you

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