Behind-The-Scenes Of Our New Fall Campaign “Really You. Reitmans.”

28 Jul
Averie Hah

At Reitmans, behind every piece of clothing, idea and achievement stood women. Women have always been at the center of our focus -- our story, customer base, and DNA -- and women have worked to accommodate those women, every day of our existence.

With a new season approaching, we are tapping into that core of our brand and celebrating all women with an authentic cast of diverse personalities. Our new fall 2018 campaign integrates emotional and personal contexts of the everyday life, striving to embrace each moment and make the ordinary aspirational.

The goal of the campaign is to celebrate you and I: real, authentic women and our relatable moments that occur in our regular lives.


Every woman is inspiring just the way she is. She wears her own personality and style, and feels comfortable in her own skin and clothes.


And for Reitmans, this means that we (and our clothes) fit into your style and life, not the other way around. The campaign is an ode -- an ode to women that hopes to inspire them to dress like themselves, to remind them that wearing confidence will always be on-trend.

Let her be.

She is beautiful as she is.

This belief led us to the heart of our campaign, which features non-traditional models who are, just like us, living their ordinary yet best lives.


With natural makeup, hair styling, and outfit selections that reflect our priority of embracing the model’s silhouette and identity, you can witness our cast looking as beautiful as they are in their ordinary surroundings like grabbing a coffee, waiting for the bus, and coming back home.


Among the models are Grece Ghanem, a personal trainer who has become a social media sensation, opera singer Arlene Honey, lawyer and social-justice advocate Dania Suleman, and photographer Gaëlle Leroyer.

And now, we share with you the behind-the-scenes photos of our campaign. As you can see, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with amazing women, sharing conversations, ideas and clothes to create this campaign made for you.


We hope you love them, and that in wearing our clothes, you will feel really you.


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Valérie Vedrines, Vice-President Marketing & Visual Presentation │ David Guarnieri, Head of Creative│ Emilie Rouleau, Marketing Manager │ Marine-Sophie Jegard, Content and Communications Manager




Caroline Pilon, Chief of Client Partnerships │Catherine Cloutier, Client Partnership Leader │ Ludwig Ciupka, Chief of Creative Pack │ Françoise Cournoyer, Creative Pack Leader │ Marie Soleil Denault, Senior Artistic Innovator │ Gabrielle Crevier, Design Guru │ Janie Delorme, Creative Producer │ Jessica Lee-Gagné, Photo Director




Mathieu Fortin, Photographer │ Kevin Calero, Film Director │Carlos & Alyse, B-roll Photographers │ Jay Forest, Stylist │Andrew Ly, Beauty & Hair │ Jérémy Noël, Artistic Direction and Set Design │ Jean-Michel Simard, Post Production


Milk & Bone Music




Abigail King │ Arlène Honey │ Dania Suleman │Gaëlle Leroyer │ Grece Ghanem │Lynn Avédikian │ Malika Sabri │Pénélope Fortier


8 Replies to “Behind-The-Scenes Of Our New Fall Campaign “Really You. Reitmans.””

  1. Gin says:

    I am thrilled to see a model that I can personally relate to in this series -the lovely lady with the white hair (mine is grey). I can also relate to the wonderful clothes, as always. Thank you for choosing to show your clothes on real women instead of perfect young models.

    1. Averie Hah says:

      Dear Gin,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, we really do appreciate it.
      We are so happy to hear that you find our campaign relatable and enjoyable — this means a lot to us!

      We have more coming your way so stay tuned! 🙂

  2. Donna says:

    Great to see a model that I can personally relate to in this series -the lovely lady with the white hair. When able to relate to the model, you can then relate to the clothes. Thank you for choosing to show your clothes on real women instead of perfect young models.

  3. Bev says:

    Looked all over the mall yesterday going to Reitmans tommorrow …why? Simply the best clothes at affordable prices. I will continue to always want a position in one of your stores! Happy Autumn!

    1. Averie Hah says:

      Dear Bev,

      Thanks for taking the time to share this with us! We appreciate your interest in our brand and are excited to see you in store soon. Psst, next time, you can use our “Find a Reitmans Store” tool on our website to quickly spot the nearest store to you here:

      Happy shopping!

  4. ren says:

    I have to say.. i am loving all the shoes worn on the models on the website.. any chance you are able to share where they are from!?

  5. Jenn Reid says:

    I want to know where the shows come from too. Please share! I want the complete look!

  6. Ness says:

    Hi , just want to know how can one can into reitmans for modelling ?

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