Celebrate You. Celebrate Her… Celebrate Motherhood.

12 May
Kathleen Dufour

Once a mother, always a mother. She’s never off duty, well past the day her children fly the coop. A mother’s love is expected, she is often pitted against the highest standards of performance (most of all her own) and her biggest pay is her children’s smile. She makes things seem normal when they can require extraordinary inner resources. We should probably celebrate our mothers daily but the fact is, we rarely do. And because time is something borrowed, let’s all take a moment to celebrate this Mother’s Day with some traditional and not-so-traditional ideas.


We time

All mothers relish a break. Whether it’s a spa day, a dinner she doesn’t have to cook or a night out, these time-tested gifts can be made extra valuable by adding yourself to the mix. Make it a “we” day. It can be as simple as taking her on a girls’ shopping spree to see what’s new in fashion. There’s nothing more precious to her than you.


Snail mail

In this age of instant messages and posts, a good old-fashioned note in the mailbox becomes quite a treasure. It speaks of intent and forethought. No special skills required. A few words from the heart and perhaps a drawing from your own children, a photo and (why not!) a gift card… It’s the gift that always fits! This is also a great way to celebrate a mom or a mother figure you know who deserves it.


Me time

Don’t forget yourself! If you are a mother and even if you’re not, no one knows better than you how hard you work. Whether it’s reading a book at a local coffee shop or treating yourself to a nice dress you’ve been eyeing, go for it! After all, recharging your batteries helps you to be the very best YOU that you can be. (And if you need inspiration for some items sure to make you feel good and look good, check out our page here).


Happy Mother’s Day to all of you, from all of us!


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