Celebrating International Yoga Day

12 Jun
In a world where we idealize performance and fast-paced lifestyle, taking a moment for yourself is becoming increasingly vital. That being said, in 2014, in hopes of raising world's awareness of the benefits of yoga on the body and mind, the UN named June 21 as the International Yoga Day. Thus we invite you all to celebrate this day with Hyba.

Releasing Stress

  Find a moment in your busy agenda to just let go: whether it be for a yoga session, a meditation period, or a walk in nature. Take advantage of quiet places and enjoy the emptiness and the moment that you are in. Then, in the office, make sure to always keep in mind the proper posture that can be both physically and mentally beneficial. Addressing problems and difficulties with a more positive attitude also helps to reduce stress.

What To Wear For Yoga Day - Athleisure 

    The athleisure trend (the association of the words "sport" and "leisure") is becoming more and more prominent! The International Yoga Day is thus the perfect day to rock this trend. Even if you don't have any athletic activities planned for this day, athleisure can still be incorporated into your outfits.   Much more than just a style trend, athleisure is a way of life where style and comfort are combined. It includes practical clothes that are versatile for the gym, at the yoga studio, or even at the park: sneakers, leggings, and hoodies. The most important thing is to feel genuinely good in your skin and clothes! Our collection of Hyba yoga clothes follows the movements of your body. Pair our "colour block leggings" with our "open wrap back tank" for a stylish look for in and outside of the studio. We also love our Hyba tanks that have a built-in sports bra!
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Our Hyba solid black dress is perfect for all your daily activities. For a more comfortable and casual outfit, you can tie a knot at the hem of your loose t-shirt and couple it with elastic waistband woven pants.   Need a bag for all your activities? Carry your sports essentials (like a water bottle, towel for the yoga mat, resistance bands) in our Hyba gym bag. It also has a strap to carry your mat!   Psst... we are currently in love with bright coloured yoga mats. Take a look at our Hyba accessories here.
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Follow Hyba on Facebook for short Yoga sessions and much more!   Tell us how you manage your stress. And don't forget! It's always important to think of your own health.

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