Fail-Proof Picks for Date Night Outfits

30 Jan

Whether you are going out on a first date or spending a romantic evening with your partner, you want to look your best. Here are our suggestions for chic yet casual outfits that will make you feel your most confident.


A jacket for all occasions



For an after work date, nothing is easier than adding a blazer to change your look. Or if you’re already wearing one, perhaps swapping it for a more relaxed style. Putting on the right jacket will instantly tone down a professional outfit and give it a relaxed vibe. It’s also a fail-proof way to upgrade a jeans and sweater combo.


  • A moto jacket (whether in real leather or faux) lends an air of tough-chic and works over practically everything. Layer it over a dress to make it less dressy or swap out your tailored blazer for one.
  • A coloured, classic tailored blazer adds punch to a simple white shirt and jeans (or black pants) outfit. Note that both pastel and bright shades are on-trend now. Fans of neutrals will go for black or grey.
  • A cardigan in a textured knit is a cozy option for a relaxed look: it works with jeans but it can also be layered over a dress to make it more casual. It can also replace the tailored blazer of a pantsuit for a night out.
  • A timeless staple, the jean jacket (ideally in a dark wash), works with basically any outfit to create a laid-back look.


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Elevate your jeans



It’s no surprise that jeans are such an all-time favourite for a casual date: your favourite pair always makes you feel great! Here is how to upgrade jeans and create stylish outfits for going out.


  • Bright tops make denim look more stylish. They’re also a great way to show off your own personality! Bright blue, orange and red are trending right now. Bonus: well-chosen, intense shades are flattering and give your complexion a boost.
  • Floral prints are still popular and fall into two camps: small and discreet patterns or large, lush prints. Set against a pale or dark background, florals lend a romantic vibe to denim (in either its black or blue version).
  • Look for details on sleeves: bell-shaped, with frills or with drawstring detailing.
  • Off-the-shoulder tops are a modern alternative to a deep-v neckline.


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Small details, big impact



The right accessories can make (or break!) an outfit. A simple black dress or a crisp white shirt worn with black pants can be turned into the perfect going out outfit with the addition of a few smart accents.


  • A belt really changes the look of pants and jeans. Forget basic (and boring) ones and go for a bright number or one with embellishments, such as floral embroidery.
  • Watches are having a moment once again. The latest fad? Minimalist styling: clean face, discreet arms and simple bands. Top picks include pastel pink and metal details in pink gold-like finish.
  • Less is more when it comes to necklaces. Look for simple, delicate chains (in gold or silver) or faux leather cords with metallic detailing. They’re the perfect detail to brighten the neckline of a shirt or sweater.
  • Oversized scarves add interest to plain sweaters and shirts. In bright or neutral shades, patterned or solid, wear them tied close to the neck in a voluminous wrap.
  • If you change only one thing before heading out for the night, make it your handbag. Switch your large daytime carry-all for a clutch. It’s all you need for a ready-to-party look.


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