Fail-Proof Ways To Wear Wide Leg Pants

21 Sep
Averie Hah

It feels like just yesterday that we flipped our calendars over to September, lamenting the end of summer. But as time usually does, it has sped its way through and it’s nearly time to greet October and all its festivities.


Part of this requires some wardrobe refreshing as we prepare for the cooler days, and there is one essential item that we’ve been spotting everywhere: wide-leg pants. More specifically, paper bag culottes that combine the two biggest trends we’ve seen over the last couple of months, which are cropped length (think culottes and ankle length pants), and paper bag waist. However stylish on its own, there are a couple ways to wear these pants in the trendiest fashion depending on what’s on your agenda. So here we present to you three ways to wear the paperbag culottes.

On Duty

When you are on duty, you are spending several days of your day, working on feet or in front of a desk. Often times, we have to decide between comfort and style, but there are certain items that let us catch two birds with one stone and this pair of pants is one of them.


The paperbag waist gives you much leeway in terms of waist size, and the wide cut of culottes grants your legs so much room to just breathe and move! At the same time, the tie detail of the paperbag sash pulls your look together, and don’t forget that a cropped length is arguably the most chic of all pant lengths, emphasizing your feminine ankle line (even more so when worn with heels).


To keep it clean and professional, we recommend pairing these with a muted coloured top, which increases the simplicity and sophistication of your look (less is more in this case!). Now all you need for the cooler mornings and breezy evenings is a light trench coat. Keeping your top simple will also give you more freedom in terms of accessory choice, so play around with statement earrings of the same colour palette or a watch for the perfect professional touch.

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Off Duty

You’re off! Lighten up your outfit by simply switching your top to a more fun, colourful blouse with accents like flutter sleeves, prints, or patterns. If your wide leg pants are already patterned like ours, however, keep in mind that it is best to avoid loud patterns that may clash with the print of the pants. To add a little effortless edge, we recommend a leather jacket like in the picture above. A black leather jacket like is a definite closet staple, guaranteed to complement a variety of different bottoms from regular jeans to trendy pants.


Looking to step it up even more? Don’t forget about the power of accessories. Statement jewelry like earrings and necklaces make your outfit even more interesting, and they are a great way to show your personal style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different kinds of tops and jewelry and express yourself through them!

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Colder Days


Wondering how you can wear these pants in the later months? You can lengthen the longevity of these cropped pants by opting for a warmer, cozier top -- sweaters! In order to maximize the waist-cinching and silhouette-defining aspect of the paperbag waist, it is best to tuck your sweater in your pants. This also allows you to elongate your legs by putting more emphasis on the waistline above your hips.


As mentioned above, since these pants come with their own checkered pattern (which is having its moment this fall), style them with a solid coloured sweater that offers you more versatility. A bright coloured sweater like the red one pictured above will give a youthful, fun glow to your look while a darker or more neutral coloured sweater will have you looking more polished and calm. On days with an especially lower temperature, throw in all your cold-day essentials in this minimal backpack that’s full of utility and chic. Out the door you go!


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