It’s All In The Details: Statement Sleeves You Need

10 Aug
Averie Hah

If you’re in search of new tops to wear, just sleeve it to us. Below, we’ve round up the top trends of the moment that you need to wear.


Quick tip? This season, it’s the small details that count, in the form of big, balloon sleeves or tiny embellishments.

1. Volume Up!

Turn up the volume on your sleeves for just a little bit of extra fun. Adding dimension and volume to your top with these unique sleeves is the most stylish way to keep it interesting while not going too crazy with the details. Plus, these volume statement sleeves are the perfect feminine details that you must have in your wardrobe.


It’s time to get out of your regular tops, and change into these trendy yet elegant options (psst... buy one and get one at 50% off until August 26th)!


Add even more personality and style with this pearl-dotted top, or throw in some simple accessories.

2. Romantic Flair

Add a romantic flair to your outfit with flare sleeves.


Fluttery and light, flare sleeves are the perfect trend to wear for a younger, more playful look.


The bell-shaped sleeves on a long-sleeve blouse will give it an interesting silhouette, thus allowing for more fun than your classic button-up. The upside-down tulip shaped flutter sleeves on this short-sleeve top allows for a more romantic look than your regular t-shirt. So hurry up and get flare sleeves into your closet!

3. Let's Roll

Nothing says “relaxed yet poised” like a classic button-up shirt with rolled up sleeves.


Professional yet young, these roll-up sleeves will give you plenty of room for style choices: roll it up, keep it down, tuck it in or keep it out. Each combination gives off a different vibe!


These sleeves also are perfect for those autumn days with the indecisive weather, or for when you have casual dinner or drink plans after work. You can also get them in different prints for more personalization. How to wear it is up to you, roll with your instinct!


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  1. Patricia Tougas says:

    Hi. I can’t haven’t been able to access your website for a few months now, and miss it. I get all your emails, including the one with my birthday discount, but can’t take advantage of it, and can’t shop on your website at all…..could only partially access this blog. I don’t know why?

    1. Averie Hah says:

      Dear Patricia,

      thank you for getting in touch with us about this. We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing difficulties shopping with us online at . If you are still unable to access the website, please contact us by phone at 1-866-REITMAN (1-866-734-8626) or email and we will shortly follow up with you to serve you better!

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