Look Good In Under 1 Minute – 4 Dresses, 4 Occasions

25 May

A spring/summer staple, dresses are many people’s favourite item to wear in the sun. You simply need to choose one dress, without having to wonder what top or bottoms to wear to complete the look. That being said, choosing the dress in itself is the first and the hardest part of determining your sunny day outfit. Which dress is more appropriate for which event? Which style looks better for you? Here, we’ve prepared a quick guide to help you decide what dress to wear to your next brunch or evening occasion.






With an occasion like brunch, you want to look put-together but not like a try-hard, especially if it’s with friends. Carry an air of “effortless chic” by wearing a dress more on the casual, simpler side and add little stylish details that can give your dress a makeover. Put on your favourite, cute, comfortable dress and carefully select your colour scheme, then choose the right accessories accordingly. When your friend asks you if your dress is new, you can simply say “No, I just threw on whatever I found!”



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We know — floral is just everywhere! This is why wearing a floral piece is the perfect choice to look in-style, without hassle. When wearing a busy, flower-patterned piece, you don’t even need fancy accessories because the flowers speak for themselves. So just throw on a floral dress in your favourite colour and fit, and you’re already ready to go. Plus, what goes better with a sunny day than flowers in full bloom? Just don’t forget to grab your sunglasses and a sun hat to protect your skin (and look cute)!


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Rompers, along with jumpsuits, are known as the 30-second outfit that is on-trend, modern, and stylish. Why go through the whole process of choosing different pieces when you can simply opt for a cute and easy romper? The comfort and the instant style that these one-piece wonders provide make them the perfect choice for a busy or an activity-filled event like a festival. No need to worry about your skirt flying up with the wind — do whatever you do, stress-free, in this practical yet fashionable piece! Psst, you can also easily dress it up a little bit with accessories and heels.


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Got an evening event? It’s time to dress it up a little bit with the perfect bodycon dress. Bodycon dresses tend to give a fancier, formal atmosphere that is appropriate for evening or night events. It should hug your curves right, which makes it important to find the perfect fit for your right size. If you opt for a simpler dress, like a classic LBD (little black dress), this gives you plenty of room to play with your favourite accessories to elevate your look, so we recommend statement jewellery. If you choose a printed or patterned dress that is more in season, go for minimal, classic accessories and matching heels to complete a sophisticated outfit without overshadowing the beautiful dress you’re wearing.


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