Monochrome To Own: Styling Tips For Black and White Outfits

20 Jun
Averie Hah

Life may not always be black and white, but everyone’s closet should always have monochrome. One biggest question is, however, how can one wear the same black and white but in different styles? One way to achieve this is through using different patterns and motifs that will give the colour palette a different attitude.


Here are some of our favourite black and white pieces of the season that will revive your wardrobe with fresh monochrome!



Plaid or checkered shirts have been wardrobe staples for a while, but you can vary them by differentiating the size or thickness of the patterns. While bigger checkered patterns give off cleaner, tidier attitude, smaller plaid shirts are more casual and fun. So even if they’re the same black and white colours, choose your patterns wisely depending on the look you want to go for!


Another idea is to wear a checked-print dress, which is perfect for office wear and also for lunch or dinner plans.

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Honestly, who doesn’t own stripes? Convenient and versatile, striped patterns have been our friend for a long time now. But how do we upgrade it for this season? The key is to mix in different textiles and details, like our lace striped shirt. As the delicate floral lace is mixed in with the classic black and white, the shirt now gives off a more feminine and modern vibe.


Plus, striped tops are easy to style since you can either wear any simple accessories to match the outfit or opt for colourful statement pieces to accentuate your outfit.

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Reverse Black And White


Normally, monochrome pieces (especially pants) share a black background with white stripes. However, the new “it” move is to wear the opposite, with a white background, like these  Iconic pants. The brighter background will put more emphasis on your bottoms rather than your top, and this alone can help you renew your look.


While wearing a white top will make you stand out in a bold, stylish way, you can also couple these pants with a black top so that you can fully enjoy the refreshing effect of your new pants while keeping the outfit subtle and clean.

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2 Replies to “Monochrome To Own: Styling Tips For Black and White Outfits”

  1. donna downer says:

    I am very pleased with the reversable tops I bought plus another white top. Good quality, versatile I can piece them with anything. I also like the way they hide the belly. Good work.

    1. Averie Hah says:

      Hello Donna,

      Thank you for sharing your comment with us and for visiting our blog. We’re so happy to hear that you’re enjoying our reversible tops! 🙂

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