Plaid Your Closet: Fall Essentials

06 Sep
Averie Hah

As much as we’d like the warm summer sun to stay for a little longer, we have to admit, we can almost sense the falling leaves already. Colder weather isn’t all bad, however, if you think of all your favourite clothes you will soon get to wear.


For us, nothing says the beginning of fall like plaid. But how can we wear this pattern in a more stylish way, without repeating ourselves season after season? Here are some key tips on how to wear your favourite checks starting now, and well into the autumn months.

1. Style experimentation

We know, we all love our classics -- the button-up plaid shirt that comes in your favourite colours and pattern. But surely, we need more than just one favourite. So why don’t we up our style game by switching it up a little bit?


This season, our checkered shirts come in not only the button-up style, but also in different (closed) blouse styles. The black and white popover features little sleeve details that will add a small yet young, feminine touch to the number. We know jeans are everyone’s favourite and easiest item to pair with plaids, but with this, your black or white work pants will work just as well.


Try a different style again with our wrap-over plaid top. This blouse combines the elegance and femininity of a cross-over top with the fun, youthful touch of the patterns.


Don’t forget, avoid wearing busy pants or loud accessories when wearing such a prominent, printed top!  Instead, opt for simple jewelry, a watch, or a belt if you wish to add a final touch.

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2. Proportion Play

You’re playing around with patterns and prints, so why not go take the extra step to play with your proportions? Our plaids are available in a long, tunic style that is perfect to wear with leggings, skinny jeans, or black pants. Wearing a tunic creates an unusual proportion of a longer top and a shorter bottom, thus giving your outfit a more modern, chic spin.


Still need more options? Venture out from the regular plaid and try on a different print, like our lovely polka dot tunic. Feel free to tie the front, leave it open with a shirt underneath, or tuck it in, even. It’s all up to you, what you look and feel best in! Just remember to have fun.

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