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05 Dec
Averie Hah

December is (finally) here, and this means we’re officially entering the gifting season. While spreading love through gifts is joyous and warm, choosing the right gift for everyone on your list can be difficult. To make your search more efficient, our tried-and-true holiday gift guide is back, this time curated by personality to help you find the perfect present for your loved ones (and yourself)!


See below each of the personalities and the look you can shop for them!

The Stylish Lounger


This personality is for those who love lazy mornings and nights in, and our sweaters and socks are the perfect choice. Lounge around in the cutest pieces ever!


Photo by @jessicaprdnc

The Merry Maker


A good night out starts with a good outfit. Our Merry Maker selection is for those who love a chic, social evening, always having a good time. Thank her for all the fun nights out with these party-perfect items.


Photo by @petiteandbold

The Sleeping Beauty


Wish your sleeping beauty a cozy evening and a good night’s sleep with our pyjama sets, and complete it with fuzzy socks or slippers.


Photo by @katusha_co

The Glam Lover


Know someone who loves a good, glamorous outfit? Gift her something from our selection of elevated, trendy pieces that are sure to steal her heart.


Photo by @elylemieux

The Active


This is for those who love to stay active and on the ball. Help her look good and feel good while running, doing yoga, or whatever it is that gets her going!


Photo by @winnspiration

The Warmth Seeker


We all know that someone who’s always cold (or maybe it’s you!).


Treat her with our warmest, most stylish pieces that will come in handy all winter long.


Photo by @lifew.erin


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