Style Forecast: 3 Degrees of Capris, 3 Drops of Crops To Stay Cool

27 Apr

With May and June fast approaching, the sun seems to have arrived to stay for good. To prepare for the sunshine and the rising temperature, there are certain items we should all have in our wardrobe — capri and cropped pants! Their shorter length can be tricky to style, especially after long months of winter. But worry not! We’ve prepared some tips on when to wear which pants and how.


Easy Breezy Capris



Capri pants are a spring classic that can easily transition you well into the summer as well. As they generally come down to between your knee and calf, capris can keep you cool and stylish while not exposing too much skin. They’re even great for those rainy days of spring showers! Capris are also not as restricting or as formal as full-length pants, giving you a more relaxed and younger feel.



Because they expose your calf and ankle, capri pants add a nice feminine touch to your outfit. To amplify this effect, style them with a top that can outline the feminine silhouette even more, such as an off-the-shoulder blouse or a balloon-sleeved blouse. A pairing like this will look even more refined and put-together with simple heels or dressy flats. If you are worried the shorter length will make your legs seem shorter, opt for a top that is shorter in length to balance out your proportions. You can use our “Top Preference” guide to discover some short-cut tops. Don’t forget to pay attention to the details and add small accessories such as a hat or earrings!




Capri pants are also good for more relaxed, casual days. Capri jeans are a great example of this. Simply couple your favourite pair of capri jeans with a white t-shirt for the classic jeans-and-white-shirt ensemble. Or try a loose-fitting blouse for a light, airy look, also available on our “Top Preference” guide. From sneakers to slip-ons to sandals, any casual shoes will look great with this outfit. If you feel this is a little too casual for you, add a navy or a pastel-toned blazer along with a classic watch to give it some extra polish.







Cropped With Care



While cropped pants are still shorter than your regular pants, they are typically longer than your capris and come down to below your calf, skimming the ankle. This cut thus puts a nice emphasis on your ankle line, which makes for a very chic and modern silhouette. It also tends to have a slimming effect on your legs. Because of their length, crops remain as a wardrobe staple for many people from May all the way to September.


Cropped pants are very diverse yet all very modern in that they can be straight, wide-legged, or skinny and still make you look very on trend. One very versatile pair of cropped pants is our Solid Cropped Chino Pants, which come with a matching removable belt. This belt can be a very useful tool to raise your waistline and elongate your legs while adding a cute small detail to your outfit. And once removed, you can wear the same exact pair of pants but with a simpler, cleaner design! Make sure to wear a blouse that can be tucked in or that is shorter in length when wearing the belt so that you can show it off properly.



If you’re searching for more sophisticated pants that will keep you cool, you can opt for the solid coloured Iconic Cropped Pants that will go with any blouse of your choice. While they offer a soft, comfort waistband, the pants fall just the right way to give you a clean, classic silhouette, allowing you to feel comfortable while looking chicer than ever. These pants have a high chance of becoming your all-around go-to pants as they can be styled with a pair of heels for the office, then with a pair of sandals, flats, or espadrilles for a casual day. Of course, don’t forget to complete your look with little accessories such as a scarf or sunglasses.




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