Top 4 Tips to Ease Back Into a Hectic Schedule

31 Aug
Natacha Medeiros

It’s that time of the year again; back to school, back to work, and back to, well, everything! That means schedules are about to get busy again and juggling everything on your to-do list can be a challenge. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of our top tips to ease back into the swing of things like a pro.


Get a morning routine started

The most hectic time of day is usually the mornings. They’re filled with getting the kids ready, preparing lunches, making breakfast… and getting yourself ready, too. The best way to tackle early mornings are to build a routine and stick to it. Try and prep the most you can the night before so your mornings run smoother: Prep lunches and breakfast if possible and pick an outfit, which brings us to our next point.


Build a stress-free wardrobe

The worst mornings are the ones where you feel like you have nothing to wear (though you’re staring at a closet full of clothes!). Our best tip: Build a wardrobe that mixes, matches and fits your life. You’re busy and you need to save time, so what better way than to have a wardrobe that works for you? We suggest starting with the basics (you’ll love them for layering), adding in some trendy items, and building a good base of dresses, pants and denim. That way, you can just grab and go –no time wasted, no wardrobe headaches, and best of all, you’ll look great, too.


Make time for yourself

Me-time is imperative any time of the year but can be especially difficult to squeeze in when things get busy. You need to relax and unwind, so even if it’s only a half-hour a day, or one night a week, be sure to make time for yourself and do something that you want to do. Curl up on the couch and do some online shopping, pamper yourself with a new sheet mask, or round up the girls for an evening out (or in!). Taking time for yourself will help you de-stress, and less stress equals to better, well, everything!


Stay organized

Whether you’re a mom, a professional (or both!), life can get overwhelming. Deadlines, soccer practices, dinners… who has the time? One of the best ways to make sure you tick everything off your to-do list is to stay organized. Use the resources you have at hand (literally) to never forget an important date. It might seem tedious, but setting reminders in your phone’s calendar and building out lists will help you remember what’s happening and when, so you can plan for even the busiest of days.


What are some of your top tips for getting through a busy season? Let us know!


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