Top Styles To Wear With High Rise Jeans

13 Aug
Averie Hah

Everyone owns jeans.

But do you have the right kind with the right tops to wear?


Depending on the rise, cut, and wash of the denim, you will need to style them differently. High-rise jeans, because they will sit at your natural waist or go slightly above, do an amazing job elongating your legs and hugging your behind just the right way. To wear them to their fullest potential, we’ve selected some tops you can pair with your favourite high-rise jeans!

Short & Sweet


A pair of high-rise jeans itself is very stylish, but you can do so much more with it.


If you want to fully leverage its leg-elongating effect, make sure that your top is either tucked in or is cut shorter to put an emphasis on your body proportions. Wearing a shorter top will show the rise and create a new, longer proportion of your lower body.


Take a look at these shortcut tops that are perfect for these jeans!

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Waist For Days


Another way to fully utilize your high-rise is to put an emphasis on your waist by either tucking in your shirt or wearing the right style of tops, with details near the bottom. This will then naturally lead the eyes to the rise of your pants, helping you reinforce those longer-looking legs. High-rise jeans naturally hug your behind and shape your lower body in a very flattering way as well, so that is an added bonus!


Try styling your denim with our wrap tops, who have a little knot at the bottom of the shirt that will rest naturally at your waist. Wearing tops with little details like so can help you easily lead the gaze to your waist without having to wear a belt or other accessories -- nothing to distract you from the amazing cut!

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Now that you know what kind of tops you should wear with high-rise jeans, we recommend experimenting with different shoes as well. They will look good with heels, sneakers, sandals and even boots -- a true transitional staple for your wardrobe.


2 Replies to “Top Styles To Wear With High Rise Jeans”

  1. Johanna says:

    Are the styles you show here also for a size 16?

    1. Averie Hah says:

      Hello Johanna,

      Thank you for your interest in our products! Our tops come in sizes XXS – 3X or 0 to 22, and our jeans are available in sizes 24 to 38, in Petite and Tall as well.
      Hope this helps and happy shopping!

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